Tailor made wallpaper

With all our wallpapers the size of this graphic is completely customizable. Made from new innovative materials it can be used in any area of your project including bathrooms and humid areas. True masterpieces can be transformed to your walls thanks to SD technology that shows off graphic realization in high resolution digital printing. All of the wallpaper collections are made with environmentally friendly materials and are designed to be in harmony with all the furnishings and surfaces of your surroundings.

Waterproof Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper
fiberglass wallpaper
We are showcasing a special Italian wallpaper made of fibreglass dedicated to humid areas such as showers, bathrooms and kitchens. Together with advanced printing technologies and creative designs you can now personalise the most intimate areas of your home.

Acoustic wallpaper

made to measure wallpaper
acoustic wallpaper

Soundproof Acoustic Fiberglass Wallpaper is made from woven glass yarn. Thanks to a sound-absorbing acoustic fleece applied to the back of the fabric, it combines the outstanding technical properties of wall coverings with an additional feature for special room requirements. Applied to the wall or ceiling it reduces reverberation and dampens the echoing effect, improving the acoustic quality of the environment. Despite being just 3.0 mm thick, Soundproof Wallpaper achieves an αw value of 0.25 (H) which puts it in sound absorption class E with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) equal to 0.20. This wallpaper is not only sound absorbing, but it can also help save energy, it’s thermal conductivity is equivalent to that of mineral wool.

With the outstanding high resolution printing technology this wallpaper is an elegant solution to noise reduction.
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